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Ibex Salajeet

ibex salajeet about us shiljit in pakistan
"We are Ibex Merchant Private Limited, our brands are on a mission to provide 100% organic products to our customers. Ibex Salajeet is one of them which brings pure and organic salajeet in pakistan."

Salajeet (also known as shilajit) is a mineral pitch found in the mountains of Central Asia. In Pakistan, it is mostly extracted from the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan. Salajeet has been used in traditional Indian and Pakistani medicine for centuries to treat a variety of health conditions. It is very important that it is collected and purified properly, as it can be harmful if not handled correctly. Therefore, to ensure safety & quality the Ibex Salajeet must go through four stages before it is delivered to our customers: i. The salajeet is collected from the mountains by hand and then brought to the processing plant. ii. The salajeet is purified using a process that removes all impurities. iii. The purified salajeet is tested in a laboratory to ensure that it meets all quality standards. iv. Once it has passed all tests, the salajeet is packaged and dispatched to customers.

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