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How to Use Salajeet?

How to Use Salajeet?

If you have bought and you do not know how to use Salajeet (also termed as Shilajit), this article will guide you thoroughly. Bear in mind the right way of usage will maximize its utility (Need not mention that you must have pure Organic Salajit).

Salajeet is available in different forms and definitely, the method of usage is different for each form. Before comprehending the right way to use it, it is very important that one must know about various forms of Shilajit. You can read a brief description of each form followed by the right usage method of each sort below:

The first and the most popular form is the resinous form. Basically, it is a semi-solid form with having black color. You can identify resin form by its attribute that in cold places it becomes hard and in warm places it becomes sticky. In comparison to other forms, it is more effective, purer, and offers greater benefits because of the higher concentration of Fulvic acid and other essential minerals.

How to Use Salajeet

Second, the powdered form is manufactured from the raw Salajit after processing it at a certain level. Though it is less effective (therefore, we do not recommend it) yet some people prefer it just because it dissolves easily in water or milk, etc. The usage method of a powdered form is simple because you just need to take the recommended quantity i.e. 250mg to 500mg and dissolve it in moderately warm water, milk, or green tea.

Salajeet Capsules, the third form, is not basically a different form because it is just a capsulated (stored in a capsule) form of the powdered form. We do not recommend the Capsule because most manufacturers sell degraded capsules in order to maximize their profit. The right way to use Capsule is to take 250mg or 500mg (i.e. recommended quantity) of the capsule just like any other tablet or capsule.

The other forms that you can get, apart from the three mentioned above, are solid, liquid, drops, etc. but we do not recommend these forms.

Ayurveda practitioners ( famous traditional medical practitioners of the subcontinent) also recommend using Salajeet combining it with other organic liquids like ghee, coconut oil, raw honey, or sesame oil in addition to milk/water/green tea. Do not worry, if you do not have them just use them with warm milk, water, or green tea. You just need to stir for a while in order completely dissolve the Salajit in the water, milk, or green tea.

The only thing you need to worry about is to get the pure and organic one. No doubt, it will cost you more than the degraded one but it deserves. Salajeet Price in Pakistan has surged much in recent years because of increased demand in addition to its rareness.

We recommend purchasing it from a reliable and trustworthy seller because some are selling the degraded one at higher prices just to deceive buyers that their product is pure.

Be careful that:

1) You do not take more than 500 milligrams daily. You can take it before going to bed daily; however, most Ayurveda practitioners suggest that one should take the recommended quantity of it twice a day for ninety days.

2) Though Salajeet helps to improve heart health for a normal person if you have active heart disease you should never use it.

3) Pregnant women should not take it without consulting the doctor. We suggest everyone consult the doctor before using it.

4) If you are taking it with lukewarm water then ensure that the water is not chlorinated (mostly the tap water in cities is)

Summing it up, you should prefer the resinous form of pure organic Salajeet and use 250mg to 500mg daily for 90 days for effective results. However, the other forms of Salajeet are also beneficial (but less beneficial than the resin form) if you got a pure one. Keep in mind the precautionary measure discussed above.

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