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Is Salajeet Good For Diabetes?

Is Salajeet Good For Diabetes?

Shilajeet or Salajeet is used as herbo-mineral Ayurvedic medicine or dietary supplement which has numerous health benefits.

It improves the immune system; it increases the stamina of physical activity; it strengthens joints and bones; it is used for weight loss; it is anti-aging; and so on. In this article, Salajeet’s beneficial impacts on diabetes have been discussed. Let’s have a look at it:

Is Salajeet Good For Diabetes?


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the human body fails either to make sufficient insulin or to use the already produced insulin effectively owing to which sugar level in the blood increases.

Basically, insulin is a hormone that takes away the sugar from the blood to store in cells or to use for energy production.

According to World Health Organization, taking a healthy diet, avoiding smoking, regular physical activity or exercise, and maintaining a balanced weight can prevent type-2 diabetes.  

In addition to the advice of the World Health Organization, Ayurvedic practitioners, as well as modern researchers, have concluded that consumption of Salajeet prevents, reduces, and sometimes treats diabetes.

It has become a major health problem throughout the world and it has been ranked 7th among the main causes of death. Therefore it is vital to know the impacts of any potential herbal medicine on patients with diabetes.

Effectiveness of Shilajit for Diabetes

For years, Ayurvedic practitioners have been using Salajeet to combat diabetes. It is a herbo-mineral medicine extracted from high altitude mountains that after going through a time-consuming and laborious purification process becomes ready to be consumed.

Modern researchers have also verified the claim of Ayurvedic practitioners that Salajit has anti-diabetic effects. It has a good impact on the lipid profile and reduces the blood glucose level.

In this regard, two renowned research papers – one titled “Effect of shilajit on blood glucose and lipid profile in the alloxan-induced diabetic rat” written by Gupta and the second titled “Shilajit attenuates streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus and decrease in pancreatic islet superoxide dismutase activity in rats” written by  Bhattacharya have been published.

Bear in mind that Shilajit is not a different herbs-mineral medicine rather it’s just another name for Salajeet. 

Another study was conducted by NA Trivedi, B Mazumdar, JD Bhatt, and KG Hemavathi in the Department of Pharmacology, Medical College, Baroda, India.

The researchers observed that Salajeet has beneficial impacts on the lipid profile in the alloxan-induced rat. It bears mention that alloxan causes diabetes through degradation of the beta cells of the pancreatic islets.

As the human pancreas is responsible for the production of insulin which takes away the sugar from the blood.

Surprisingly, Gupta et al in their research have also observed that consumption of Salajeet can increase the number of cells pancreas.

Traditionally Salajeet is also known as RASAYAN which means it has the potential to revive unhealthy to healthy conditions.

However, the above discussion has proved that not only traditional medical practitioners but also modern researchers are convinced that Salajeet has a good impact on diabetes. Hence, the answer to the question in discussion is “Yes, Salajeet is good for diabetes.” 

Pure and Organic Shilajit and its Price in Pakistan

If you are considering buying a Salajeet to treat diabetes, you are advised to consult your doctor before getting and using it.

No doubt, there are numerous health benefits of this dietary supplement and after knowing the benefits, people often ask how to get pure and organic Salajeet in Pakistan.

We suggest you be careful in this regard. Only purchase it from a reliable and trustworthy seller like Ibex Salajeet because impure Shilajit contains free radicals, heavy metals, and impurities that are very harmful to your health.

Although Shilajit’s price in Pakistan is high; yet, you will find a competitive priced pure and organic Salajeet if you purchase it from our recommended seller

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