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Shilajit Benefits For Woman

Shilajit Benefits For Woman

For hundreds of years, Shilajit (or Salajeet) has been recommended by traditional medical practitioners like Ayurvedic practitioners in the subcontinent. It is just because of its effectiveness and positive effects on the human body.

For instance, it improves the ability of a person to absorb crucial minerals and nutrients because of the Fulvic Acid present in it. The difficult extraction process along with the time taking purification process is rare.

Especially, the pure and organic one is very difficult to find in the market. The price of Salajeet is high not only in Pakistan but also in other regions due to its rareness and high demand because it is equally beneficial for both men and women. Let’s have a brief look at the Shilajit Benefits for women.

Shilajit Benefits For Woman

1. Shilajit is used to treat infertility in females

Consumption of Salaljeet has positive results on women’s reproductive health. The fertility in females is affected by an irregular menstrual cycle. In this regard, it basically performs various important tasks for women.

  • First, it normalizes the menstruation cycle by regularizing the reproductive hormones.
  • Second, it detoxifies the reproductive organs from toxins and chemicals hence improving the health of the uterus.
  • Third, it helps to improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen to reproductive organs.

2. Reduces the pace of Ageing

Women, after hitting menopause, age more rapidly than men. Moreover, early signs of aging can be noticed in most females. Salajeet due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes contributes to longevity and a slower aging process.

It makes human skin wrinkleless and youthful. Moreover, the Fulvic Acid (important constituents of Shilajeet) prevents humans from cellular damage and free radicals which are the primary factors of getting old.

3. Makes hair Stronger and Healthier

You may know that the constituent of Salajeet includes Sulfur, Zinc, Fulvic Acid, and magnesium. These minerals contribute a crucial role in making the hair shiny and healthy.

The hair protein structure damage results in weak which is mainly caused by the deficiency of Zinc. Shilajit contains zinc hence helping to counter this issue.

4. Help to counter High Altitude problems and Sicknesses

High Altitude sickness is more common in women than men. The cold environment, speedy wind, and low ATM (atmospheric pressure) at high altitude places may cause hypoxia, insomnia, pulmonary Oedema, fatigue, and feeling of Nausea in many people.

Owing to the presence of fulvic acid and other eighty-four crucial minerals in it, help to overcome the problems and sicknesses associated with high altitude.

5. Effectively counters Anaemia

Medical experts opined that women are more vulnerable to Anaemia than men due to the bleeding during menstruation every month. It is pertinent to mention that Anaemia is a disease wherein one lacks RBCs (Red Blood Cells).

Consequently, the patient will have less hemoglobin and hence reaches less quantity of oxygen to body parts. Similarly, Iron Deficiency Anaemia causes serious maternal issues even death. Shilajit is an iron supplement and it increases the number of hemoglobin in humans, hence helps effectively to fight Anaemia.

6. Strengthen bones and muscles

Salajeet is a dietary supplement rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphate, etc. These minerals strengthen bones and muscles.

Estrogen deficiency occurs in women during menopause which results in less absorption of calcium leading to weaker bones.

Hence, Shilajit is a very effective dietary supplement for women having weak bones and muscles. It also enhances the action of hormones and enzymes accountable for the development of bones.

The traditional medical practitioner therefore especially recommends it for women who have reached the stage of menopause.

7. Increase stamina of physical activity and exercise hence decreasing obesity

Salajeet works as an energy booster hence increasing the endurance and stamina of physical exercises.

More physical activity has many health benefits including the reduction of weight. Women are having the problem of obesity much more compared to men,

In addition to the Shilajit Benefits for Women discussed above, there are many other benefits of this naturally found dietary supplement which is common for both males and females.

If you want to have a look at other benefits also click Salajeet Benefits. If you want to read about how to use Salajeet and the Precautions required to be observed click here.

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