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Which Shilajit is Best?

Which Shilajit is Best?

Shilajit (generally referred to as Salajeet in Pakistan) is basically a herbo-mineral natural supplement. It’s a sticky blackish or brown tar-like substance rich in many essential minerals required for human health.

Scientific researchers have concluded that its many health benefits include enhancement of physical performance, works as an energy booster and gives relief from chronic fatigue. 

Himalayan Vs Altai Mountains Shilajit:

This popular Ayurvedic dietary supplement has various kinds and forms. On the basis of the origin of extraction, it can be divided into two types. First extracted from the Altai Mountains and the second extracted from the Himalayan Mountains.

Which Shilajit is Best

Many traditional medical practitioners are of the opinion that the Himalayan Shilajit is better and more potent because of the fact that it is extracted from higher altitudes i.e. 16,000 feet above the sea level while Altai Mountain Salajeet is extracted from the peaks approximately 14,000 feet above the sea level.

However, this claim has never gone through the test of scientific research. Scientifically speaking, the effectiveness of Shilajit depends upon its genuineness and the purification process used to remove impurities.

Aftabi Vs Aatshi or Agni Shilajit:

The purification process involves two steps i.e. filtration and dehydration. First, the impurities are filtered wherein plenty of water is used.

Secondly, the filtered Salajeet needs to be dehydrated. The method of dehydration divides it into two famous kinds:

  1. Aftabi Salajeet: 

In order to dehydrate or dry it, it is placed in sunlight for many days. Shilajit dehydrated in this manner is called Aftabi (Aftaab means sun in Persian).

  1. Aatshi or Agni Salajeet:

If the filtered Shilajit is dehydrated with the help of fire or any other artificial heat then it is referred as Aatshi or Agni.

According to Ayurvedic practitioners, Aftabi Shilajit is more potent and effective than Agni. They further argued that the Agni Shilajit loses its effectiveness by approximately 20%.

However, it bears a mention that Agni is also an effective and it bears all the health benefits that the Aftabi has; however, it is la little bit less effective as compared to Aftabi.

Which Shilajit is Best?

Apart from different kinds, it is found in different forms. These forms include resin, powder, tablets or capsules, and liquid. Let’s have a look at each one:

Shilajit Resin:  It’s a sticky, waxy, and past form that generally looks black or dark brown in color. It is used after dissolving in moderately warm water or milk.

Liquid Shilajit:  The liquid form has a strong flavor and it requires extra care as compared to other forms of it.

Solid Shilajit: Solid form is basically a more concentrated and thick form of resin Shilajit. It is used after dissolving in lukewarm water or milk-like resin form.

The powder form of Shilajit: After going through further refinement normal Shilajit is converted into powdered form.

However, Shilajit powder available in the market does not have potency and effectiveness because most of the sellers sell it after extracting some essential minerals. 

Shilajit Capsule: It is not basically a separate form rather the powdered form is packed in a capsule. As one cannot find a good quality powder Shilajit, therefore, capsule available in the market does not possess the desired quality and effectiveness.  

Shilajit Tablets: Like capsule form, it is also prepared from Shilajit powder by pressing the powder into tablet form.

If processed in the right manner, every form has pros and cons. However, owing to the minimum processing involved, the resin form of Shilajit is considered a more beneficial, effective, and potent form. 

It is considered original and pure as compared to other forms. It does not mean that other forms do not have health benefits rather other forms are also effective if one managed to find good quality

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