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Shilajit Benefits For Male

Shilajit Benefits For Male

Modern researchers and customary clinical professionals of the subcontinent have established that Shilajit has many advantages.

These benefits are not specific to males or females. Both males and females can have numerous benefits from consuming Salajeet (another term used for Shilajit in Pakistan.

We have already discussed Shilajit benefits for women in another article. In this article, we will have a cursory glance at Shilajit Benefits for male.

Shilajit Benefits For Male

1. Salajeet for male infertility:

Researchers have discovered that it helps to increase testosterone levels in men. It has been utilized for a long time for this particular reason.

Among numerous different constituents, it additionally contains Humic acids and Fulvic acids. Both these two acids are useful for the treatment of male infertility.

This claim has passed the test of the clinical trial. Salajeet was given (after supper for ninety days) to sixty infertile men two times per day.

After the time of ninety days, an increase in sperm motility and the count was observed in half of the members who had gone through the treatment.

Sperm motility is the capacity of sperm to move toward the eggs. Moreover, sperm motility was seen in twelve to seventeen percent of them.

2. Salajeet as Energy and stamina booster:

Males generally engage in more difficult physical activities as compared to women; therefore need more energy and stamina.

According to modern research, as well as experiences of Ayurvedic practitioners, Shilajit assists in increasing perseverance and stamina for physical activities.

During a clinical test, 80 persons were given 250mg or 500mg of Salajeet two times every day. Consequently, it was found that these members experienced around a thirteen percent increase in stamina

Erectile dysfunction is a challenging sexual condition for many guys. In this regard, studies 3. Shilajit benefits for males regarding Erectile dysfunction:

have suggested that regular consumption of Shilajit can have very effective results. However, the daily usage should not be less than the recommended dosage i.e. 250mg to 500mg per day.

4.  Bodybuilding: 

Men frequently search for various types of proteins and drugs helpful to construct their bodies. In the short term, these drugs may help to build the body but they have side effects and harmful impacts in the long term.

In such a situation, one must think about the consumption of Shilajit for this purpose. It not only strengthens muscle in short term but also has positive impacts in long term.

5. Shilajit for hair loss:  

If used as a regular dietary supplement, shilajit ensures healthy hair. Collagen, vitamin D, and vitamin B present in it as constituent helps to maintain and improve the health of your heart.

6. Other benefits

In addition to above mention shilajit benefits for males, there are many other benefits of Shilajit which are common for males and females. Few are summarized below:

  1. Improves Heart Health
  2. Treat Iron deficiency anemia:
  3. Contribute to longevity, a slower aging process, and overall better health.
  4. Overcome high altitude Problems/Sickness
  5. It has Anti-cancer attributes
  6. helps to reduce weight
  7. decreases cholesterol levels in human blood
  8. Reduce the symptoms of Chronic fatigue syndrome
  9. Prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease
  10. Strengthens Joints and bones
  11. Treat Diabetes
  12. Facilitates the process of blood and bone marrow production
  13. It also has the ability to counter digestive disorders
  14. Regulate the human sleeping pattern
  15. Brings on improvement in the immune system hence reducing the chances of getting different viral and bacterial diseases.

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